We Love the Water

© 2008 R. Phillippe and M. Phillippe
Ooh we love the water
We love the water [Chorus]
From the rivers to the oceans
From the lakes up to the falls
Ooh we love the water
And now it’s their survival
Depending on us all
Come on let’s not waste the water‘
Cause we love the water
(Verse) Rain and snow falls from the sky
Becomes a river floating by
All the way down to the ocean
Where the fishies and the dolphins and the whales
Swim around and wiggle their tails
Gotta keep it all clean for all of us and all of them(Chorus)
(Verse) Lots of all the things we do in our daily lives include
Using up some of the water
If we all use a little less in every way
It adds up to a lot everyday
If you do a little more to use a little less
It’ll make a big difference
Yes it will
(Chorus- out)

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